Court action could be a month away – time for vital fund raising


You will have heard that the Government has withdrawn £125M of Private Finance Initiative funding from the Allerton Park incinerator. This is a serious blow to North Yorkshire County Council’s plans BUT IT HAS NOT KILLED THE SCHEME – both NYCC and AmeyCespa are trying to replace this funding and whilst the planning approval remains in force, the scheme could still go ahead. So we MUST try to have the planning approval quashed. NYWAG and the Parish Councils Group are supporting the Marton cum Grafton Parish Council application to the High Court for a Judicial Review of the grant of planning permission.

A big “THANK YOU!” to the many individuals and communities who have supported us thus far in raising funds to fight this battle, BUT we have not yet raised all that is needed.

It can take a year for a Judicial Review to come to court, BUT North Yorkshire County Council has said it will ask the High Court to hear the case quickly. So we urgently need your help to raise quickly the final sums. This is because the court may not hear our case unless we can show we have the necessary funds in place.

We have instructed and are working with one of the best QCs in this field. He has experience of winning cases like this. He says we have a good case. We can win this with your support.

We have raised many thousands of pounds so far. We now need a further £20,000 to take the case to a successful conclusion. That is very achievable with your support.

Whilst any donation you can make, or any fund-raising you can undertake, will bring us closer to our target PLEASE remember if we can finally stop this scheme, every North Yorkshire household will benefit by stopping the huge cuts to public services that are already happening to fund this scheme. Just £20 from each of our supporters would mean we can fight the case through the High Court, but PLEASE, if you can afford a little more invest now in this legal action to protect our services, reduce our taxes and protect our environment.

Ways to send money to support the campaign

  • Send a cheque made payable to “NYWAG” for as much as you can afford to The Treasurer, Nywag, High Farm Grange, Hopperton HG5 8NX.
  • Bank transfer to NYWAG – account no 81280139, sort code 40-12-28
  • Paypal – go to and click one of the “Donate” buttons on the right

County Council Elections 2nd May – Alongside raising funds, we are putting pressure on NYCC candidates in the forthcoming elections. NYWAG is not and never has been a party political organisation. We support any candidate who supports our cause and would encourage you to do the same. Please ask your candidate how they stand on the incinerator issue, so that they know it is important to constituents all over North Yorkshire.

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