Leave to appeal not granted

You may have heard via the media that Marton cum Grafton Parish Council were not granted leave to appeal when they appeared before the Court of Appeal earlier this week.

I am sure you will share our disappointment at this news. Throughout we have sought and taken the very best legal advice from leading experts in the field of waste and we are very grateful for all the support – financial and moral – that enabled the campaign to pursue this legal challenge.

This means that we will not need to call in any of the pledges, which were made with such generosity.

Although the legal challenge was ultimately unsuccessful, it has substantially delayed the scheme during which time the idiocy of the proposal has become increasingly apparent. With every month that goes by yet more evidence emerges that the Allerton Park incinerator will be a massively expensive White Elephant that will burden the council tax payers of North Yorkshire for a generation if it goes ahead. Worse still this comes at a time when NYCC are debating further cuts to services in order to balance future budgets.

Although this week’s news ends the legal challenge to the grant of planning permission, it in no way ends our campaign against the Allerton Park incinerator.

The European Union’s Competitions Commissioner is investigating whether illegal state subsidies underpin the scheme, and we are grateful for the support of our local MEP, Timothy Kirkhope, in helping initiate this inquiry.

We are in correspondence with DEFRA and the Treasury in support of the decision to withdraw £125m worth of Private Finance Initiative monies. Without this subsidy, the project makes even less sense.

And we’ll be challenging the final business case when it is submitted to NYCC next year as well as continuing our correspondence with the funding institutions from whom loans will be sought to build the plant.

We’re meeting with our MPs, Nigel Adams and Andrew Jones, who have both backed our campaign, to take forward all the remaining avenues through which we can challenge the plans.

We remain baffled that, against all the evidence, NYCC continue to pursue this unnecessary and expensive scheme when the alternatives are so much cheaper and more environmentally sound.

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