Anti-Incinerator petition gathers momentum

The NYWAG (North Yorkshire Waste Action Group) petition which is being handed in to Downing Street today is gathering momentum. Since the petition, which totals over 9,000 signatures from North Yorkshire voters opposed to the £1.2bn NYCC waste incineration plan, was finalised for presentation to the Prime Minister, 500 more signatures have been handed in to NYWAG.

We will continue to collect signatures right up to 15th of December, the day councillors vote on the plan” said Steve Wright, chairman of NYWAG, “and beyond to planning if this proves necessary. As more and more people are becoming properly informed about waste incineration, which will condemn North Yorkshire to 25 years of expensive outdated technology, they are using the petition to express their concerns. This is grass roots democracy in action,” he said.

Other counties, including neighbours such as Lancashire and Cumbria , are not using incineration but have opted for more modern 21st century solutions which involve more recycling and recovery,” he said.

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