Support for UK communities fighting against Waste Incineration. We want alternatives to manage waste

38 Degrees, the group behind the defense of the sale of the UK woodlands and forests, are voting on which campaigns their 800,000 members should support and fight.

There is a campaign vote which we should all support …

Many communities across the UK are fighting their local councils about decisions to build waste incinerators in towns, near homes, on farm land and in areas of natural beauty and interest. There are many more planned for the UK. The USA has not commissioned an Incinerator since the mid 1990′s however they are still being built in the UK by American companies. There are better, greener and healthier alternatives to waste management.

Typically councils are locked into 25 year contracts and agree to provide the privately owned incinerator companies with a certain quota of waste or else face hefty fines. This undermines recycling and is bad news for the whole of the UK as in areas with incinerators rubbish set aside for recycling is diverted to these incinerators. Please support this campaign.

Please vote now to help us fight the Allerton Incinerator and all the others being planned in the UK.

Who are 38 Degrees?
38 Degrees believes that power should rest with the people: they provide simple and effective tools for tens of thousands of us to influence the decisions that affect us all. Together, they intend to defend fairness, protect constitutional rights, promote peace, preserve the planet and deepen democracy.

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