November Newsletter

Public Meeting
Stop the Allerton Incinerator – Whixley Village Hall
Thursday 24th November 7.30 – 9.00pm

Please come along to a presentation of the issues
• Why we need to oppose the incinerator
• How it will affect you
• Cheaper & more environmentally friendly options
• Why this is bad for the ratepayers of North Yorkshire
• What Nywag and the Parish Councils are doing on your behalf.
• The planning process – What you can do & how you can make a difference
• This is not a “done deal”


Now’s the time to get the signs back up. If you’ve still got your sign, please put it out again. If you would like a replacement or have a new site where we could put a sign, please contact


It’s also time to start our fundraising efforts in earnest. Please organise an event and help spread the message. If you haven’t donated or sent a pledge, please do. Details are on the website.

Tell 5 people

A lot of people still don’t know that North Yorkshire will be getting an incinerator if we don’t fight it. Please make a point of passing this newsletter to at least 5 people you know and ask them to sign the petition at if they haven’t already done so.

First thoughts on the planning application

If you have had chance to read the planning application, you’ll realise what a massive task it is. We have had a team of people looking at the implications and flaws in it and there are many.

We have been told that the period for objections is 21 days from 4th November (November 25th) BUT any correspondence received prior to the application being decided (either by the Secretary of State, Eric Pickles or by NYCC’s Planning Committee) should be taken into account.

We have already sent a holding objection indicating the areas on which we will be objecting in full as soon as we can. We urge you to do the same with a follow up later.

How to oppose the AmeyCespa incinerator application

You should write to:
Shaun Robson, Planning Services, Business and Environmental Services Directorate, County Hall, Northallerton DL7 8AH

Or send an email to: It is important that you quote reference: NY/2011/0328/ENV

The application can be viewed online at:

You can view the summary document:

You will have your own reasons for opposing the application. Our reasons include:

• The proposed scheme will cause serious harm to the landscape, environment and economy
• Mitigation proposals are inadequate to offset this harm
• Need is not proven; the facility is too large, no business case is provided
• The case for the selected technology is not made
• The case for a single site is not made
• The proposal is contrary to local, regional and national/EU policies
• There will be significant adverse climate change impacts
• The proposal will not maximise energy recovery from waste
• There has been no proper public consultation
• There will be adverse impacts on protected wildlife species
• There will be significant traffic impacts, notably on the A59/A168
• Cumulative impacts of this proposal alongside other similar proposals for the area are not assessed

It would be preferable to use your own words and choose one or two issues about which you feel strongly.

Public Inquiry

We are also working with our MPs and Parish Councils to get the Planning Application called in for a public inquiry. This will mean that the decision will not be made by North Yorkshire’s planning committee.

The reasons for an inquiry are quite different and while we would not wish to stop anyone writing to Eric Pickles, we believe we have this covered. If we need letters, we’ll let you know.

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