Even NYCC’s own County Architect says the submission is unacceptable

North Yorkshire County Council’s own Principal Landscape Architect has confirmed the impact on the landscape would be severe and the proposals to mitigate this harm are woefully inadequate.

More specifically:

“The current submission is therefore unacceptable in landscape terms for the following reasons:

  • the development will lead to significant adverse landscape and visual impacts to Allerton Park historic park and garden, to residential properties, footpaths, other sensitive receptors and to the wider landscape context which would be affected by the proposed development, as acknowledged in the assessment
  • the submitted landscape mitigation strategy offered does not adequately resolve the identified impacts or lead to a reduction in residual impacts to an acceptable level
  • the proposed Landscape Management Strategy and Landscape and Cultural Heritage Fund is not sufficiently developed and targeted to demonstrate that improvement works can be identified, prioritised and delivered to offset residual adverse effects

To read the full report please click here.

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