Planning Meeting Tuesday October 30th

At last we have a date for the Planning Meeting – it’s October 30th. This is when NYCC Planning Committee will be able to present their opinion to the world!!

Call me cynical – but we are not convinced the outcome is anything other than pre-determined, especially since most of the committee has already backed the incinerator solution at the meeting on December 15th 2010.

As yet there is no confirmed venue for the meeting but we are assuming that it will be at County Hall in Northallerton. As soon as we know the venue, we will let you know. Please, please try to attend to show the people making the decision what the people of North Yorkshire think about this dreadful and EXPENSIVE proposal.

We have had a lot of good news recently, including some very positive news for all of us campaigning against the proposals.

  • Harrogate Borough Council’s planning committee has again come out whole-heartedly against the planned incinerator – last month members voted unanimously to re-affirm their opposition when they considered supplementary information provided by the applicant, Amey Cespa.
  • Two reports commissioned by ourselves and the Parish Councils Group from the highly-respected expert waste consultancy, Eunomia, have been published and are utterly damning of the incinerator proposals. The reports conclude:
    • The proposed plant will be 50% bigger than needed on the day it opens and twice as big as necessary by the end of its life. We’ve said all along it’s too big.
    • Within 13 years of opening, the County Council will be running short of household waste. NYCC think they can make the shortage up with trade waste, but Eunomia say this is a very risky strategy. Penalty clauses mean ratepayers (that’s you and me!!) will foot the bill for any shortfall in the household waste needed to fuel the facility.
    • Greenhouse gas emissions from the plant would be at least as bad as those arising from landfilling the waste.
  • North Yorkshire County Council’s own County Architect has confirmed the impact on the landscape would be severe and the proposals to mitigate this harm are woefully inadequate (Architect’s report).
  • We have also learned that the plant is capable of burning hazardous waste and there would be nothing North Yorkshire County Council or anyone else could do to stop it provided technical permit requirements were met.

The Eunomia reports (Review of Waste Availability and WRATE Analysis) along with a Summary Report have been submitted to NYCC as part of our objections to the scheme, as have detailed responses from the Parish Councils Group and NYWAG to the further submission put in by AmeyCespa.

We remain very positive that the application will get called in by the Secretary of State if NYCC’s planning committee approves it. We’ll then be confronted with making our case at a public inquiry, which will mean considerable expense. So we are continuing our fund-raising efforts and would ask you to support a jumble sale in Green Hammerton on October 20 and other fund-raising events publicised on the website.

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