Update and Christmas Tidings

We were hoping to have some news for you by now on how the request for a Planning Inquiry is progressing.

The only information we can give you is that:

  • They received over 600 letters requesting call-in.
  • The Secretary of State’s “target date” for a decision upon whether or not to call in the Allerton Park decision came and went.
  • The Secretary of State’s Office have been in contact with NYCC. They have sent something called an “Article 25 Holding Direction”. This, it seems, is a device that enables them to extend the twenty-one day deadline from the date of their acknowledgement of their receipt of the necessary papers from NYCC. In effect, it means that they still haven’t decided and that their decision will be (in their words) “weeks rather than months” after that.

This is similar to what has happened regarding the King’s Lynn incinerator. There, the Planning Committee voted to approve the application in late April this year, the Secretary of State issued a “holding direction” and ultimately let them know in the late summer that he was after all intending to call it in.

We will let you know as soon as we have any more information.

Thanks to all of you who have given such strong support to the campaign over the past (and previous) year. We remain convinced that the proposed incinerator is a monstrous and unnecessary intrusion and a complete waste of council money which could be much better spent on council services. We will continue to make representations to the Secretary of State and to other Government bodies and, with your help, we will fight to make sure that it does not get built.

Also, we are tremendously indebted to the team of fundraisers and helpers who have run the jumble sale and the Christmas Fayre. Thank you to everyone who supported these events and helped to raise nearly £2,000 towards the campaign fund.

We hope you have a lovely peaceful Christmas and let’s hope that the New Year brings us the news we have been hoping for.

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