What can I do?

How to oppose the AmeyCespa incinerator application

Our reasons for opposing this incinerator include:

• The proposed scheme will cause serious harm to the landscape, environment and economy
• Mitigation proposals are inadequate to offset this harm
• Need is not proven; the facility is too large, no business case is provided
• The case for the selected technology is not made
• The case for a single site is not made
• The proposal is contrary to local, regional and national/EU policies
• There will be significant adverse climate change impacts
• The proposal will not maximise energy recovery from waste
• There has been no proper public consultation
• There will be adverse impacts on protected wildlife species
• There will be significant traffic impacts, notably on the A59/A168
• Cumulative impacts of this proposal alongside other similar proposals for the area are not assessed.

Public Inquiry

Please contribute to our fighting fund for the Judicial Review

  • Send a cheque for as much as you can afford to The Treasurer, Nywag, High Farm Grange, Hopperton HG5 8NX.
  • Bank transfer to NYWAG – account no 81280139, sort code 40-12-28
  • Click one of the “Donate” buttons on the right

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