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  1. James Lawrie says:

    The current editiion of “Private Eye” (19 April 2012) includes an article “Feel the Burn”, page 30, questioning the validity of current DEFRA requirements relating to monitoring of fine smoke particulates in the vicinity of waste incinerators. Is there any local knowledge on whether or not specific proposals for monitoring fine smoke particulates have been published for the projected incinerator at Allerton?

  2. simon beer says:

    Why is this not being sited somewhere on a railway line?
    Has anyone worked out how many vehicles per hour will have to be arriving to keep this thing running efficiently and how much transport will cost? Just seems bonkers to me to rely on road transport which is only going to get more and more expensive.

  3. Tim Bendelow says:

    I understand, from a Harewood Whin source, near Rufforth; that waste volumes to landfill sites are actually dropping in the UK. Some waste is actually being sent to Europe, and it is common practice to shred material, then incinerate it as “energy from waste”.
    UK Power Stations, such as Drax, are being upgraded so they can take this material . From “dirty coal fired power stations” to “Green Energy from Waste Power Plants”.
    If this is actually the case, it could have a major impact on the Allerton Park site, and would reduce landfill volumes at Harewood Whin.

    I hope this is of help to the campaign. You may need to check with Yorwaste.

    Tim Bendelow

  4. Derek Rowe says:

    Considering this Governments push to decrease Public Sector borrowing the elected officers of NYCC have a fudiciary duty to comply, reference the recent publication below

    What legal pressure can be individually exerted on each elected Councillor in not carrying out their duty in a correct and proper manner

  5. Sue Semple says:

    You mention on the website to write to ask for the PFI funding for the incinerator to be stopped. What reasons would we give for the Treasury not to grant these funds?

  6. Rob Keats says:

    Hi, I am a member of the IIW in plymouth we are fighting a new incinerator proposed here. We are informed by MVV that the toxic waste from this incinerator is being sent to Leeds. I wondered as you are in that part of the world do you know of any licensed toxic landfill sites there. We were worried that this company MVV may be applying for a license to open one.
    If you could let us know I would be gratefull.
    Best of luck with your fight.

  7. John Longbottom says:

    The article in The Independent of 28 December is worth reading -basically there does not appear to be a clear Government Policy about the provision of Incinerators.Chancellor George Osborne is objecting to a proposed facility in his Constituency.Admittedly this would be sited in a mixed density Area. The Planning Application is to be considered by the Dept of Energy and Climate Change -can this be pursued in the case of Allerton Park? I have objected to the Chief Exec of NYCC about the lack of impartiality in the whole process relating to Allerton but it seems as though the Council/York Council offer placatary missives but blunder on with there aim to make sure this unwanted proposal goes ahead.Can anything be done to stop the Council having the final say in the Planning Application when this is Submitted?

  8. Selby Town Council’s view is that this plan will provide no incentive to North Yorkshire to reduce waste nor to increase its recycling performance.

  9. Victoria Sharp says:

    My family were relocating to this area (York/Harrogate villages) but have put our plans on hold until decisions have been made. Unfortunately if plans go ahead we will invest elsewhere. We chose the ‘golden triangle’ because of it’s beautiful environment, lack of industry, good schools and low crime. I am shocked such an ugly environmental disaster is even been considered!! It will have a great financial impact but a negative one I fear!!

    People pay a premium to live in this area and consequently these high earning families invest locally – building an incinerator will bring house prices crashing because, like ourselves, no one will buy in what will become an undesirable area! I will not risk the health of my children! Do councillors not realise the impact on local economy? As for increasing local jobs – I doubt any locals will want to work there! I have read plan B and it makes a lot more sense than plan A! I wonder will the council receive more financial benefit from plan A?? What happened to opting for the more environmentally friendly choice which is more in keeping with the governments ‘green’ plans? Perhaps not as financially rewarding for the fat cats I feel!!!

  10. Noel Evans says:

    This week’s BBC Radio 4 programme “Costing the Earth” ( was on plastics in the sea. It included comments (see the second last paragraph in that BBC link) on fuels that are made from plastics that are ‘mined’ from landfill sites and that in the future these are going to become very valuable resources. (The above BBC site includes a link on that topic to this site: This should add to the argument that burning waste now is ‘criminally’ wasting a future valuable resource. If you can find any way of using this info in a more ‘tartgetted’ way than I can, please do so…

  11. Mervin Straughan says:

    Although this is a county-wide initiative, the proposal has clearly brought Harrogate Council’s Jekyll and Hyde characters into sharp contrast.

    On the one hand, it exploits its well-manicured gardens and genteel tea-drinking image, while, on the other hand, it is the Dirty Man of North Yorkshire in terms of recycling and waste management.

    And, of course, this appalling record would most likely deteriorate with North Yorkshire County Council’s quick and costly fix of a proposed incinerator which would, in fact, deter recycling. The fact that the proposed plant would be sited within the district makes it even more ironic.

    Given that the UK is often referred to as the Dirty Man of Europe, I dread to imagine where Harrogate would figure in the recycling performance tables of local authorities within Europe.

    How many visitors would think twice about visiting the area if both sides of the district’s personality were known?

  12. David Sharp says:

    Using Amey Cespa’s figures, they will process 310,000 tons/year of waste, of which 40,000 tons will be digested and 20,000 tons will be recycled. This leaves 250,000 tons (80%) to be incinerated. This increases futher as the solid matter left after digestion is also incinerated. If this is assumed as 20,000 tons/year, the amount incinerated rises to 270,000 tons/year (87%).

    The design of the plant is down to economics, ie the cheapest solution against the specification issued by North Yorkshire. The preferred bidder has been selected against the lowest gate fee ( £ payable by North Yorkshire for every ton of waste delivered to the plant.) The lowest cost solution appears to be incineration and ignores any potention health effects or the wishes of the community.

  13. Paul Whelan says:

    Dear All
    The meeting at Northallerton was a big disappointment but it has taught us a lot.

    NYCC feel that
    - They have a strategy which they have followed, received proposals and chosen the best option.
    - They have consulted and they will consult more
    - The health risks are covered by Defra’s statement

    We saw that they are politicians and are unlikely to change their minds.
    They vote together.
    (A debate would cast doubt on their choice – so it was never likely to get their support)

    NYCC also acknowledged that the waste will come from commercial sources as well as domestic.

    My previous (naive) belief that NYCC would be open to listening has been replaced with a clear idea that we will have to PROVE our case (and more) in order to stop the proposal going forward
    • Economically, with facts and figures, that the choice is very expensive and that there are cheaper alternatives. This will be the winning argument if we can make it successfully.
    • Health issues – again we will need expert opinion from more than one source that there is a health risk
    • Green issues – facts and figures about the journeys to Allerton from all over North Yorkshire and beyond
    In a way we are fortunate that so few people know about the incinerator plan. At least people have not been blitzed by NYCC propaganda although this may happen in the future.

    One hope might be that this could be a first test case for the ‘Big Society’. NYCC may not listen to us but they will listen to senior members of their party.

    We must be able to come up with credible alternatives at a local level that will be far cheaper (plus healthier, greener, more flexible). And then we must publicise this to everyone in North Yorkshire. At present I do not feel we have enough information ourselves to make balanced arguments to win support and persuade others how this affects us all – not just the area around Allerton.

    Paul Whelan

  14. Marie Parker says:

    Harrogate BC has received a scoping opinion for a Waste Recovery Park at the above site. The link below will take you to a page of our website where you can view the application. If you put the application number 10/03033/CMA in you will be able to view the application.

    Please make comments on the scoping for the Environmental Impact Assessment

    Comments on the application can be sent to Mr Watson and according to the documentation there is 21 days from 7 July. i.e. 28 July.

    Also if you are responding on behalf of yourself or another body please let us have your views as well, by that date.

    We may also have time at A4E Wednesdays meeting to discuss this issue. Wednesday 21 July 2010 Council Offices, Crescent Gardens, Harrogate, Reducing CO2 Group inaugural meeting.

    If you visit theNYCC website you will get access to documents regarding the case.