NYCC’s Incinerator Plan

The impact of NYCC’s waste management policy

This page summarises our understanding about North Yorkshire County Council’s policy for waste management and how it is likely to affect our local area as well as the rest of North Yorkshire. We also list the steps you can take to oppose the current policy.

NYCC’s plans

NYCC has decided that centralisation of the whole of the county’s waste (including the City of York), in which incineration plays a key role, is the best way of avoiding the forthcoming landfill tax increases that the Government and the EU intend to impose.

320,000 tons of waste will be transported by road to Allerton Park near Knaresborough where up to 80% of the waste will be incinerated and 12% will be fed into an AD. About 5% will be recycled

Under a PFI (Private Finance Initiative) scheme NYCC has now selected AmeyCespa – a subsidiary of the spanish Ferrovial Group as the contrator.

NYCC and York City Council voted in favour of the proposal at the end of December 2010. BUT THAT’S NOT THE END OF IT!! NYWAG has made representations to DEFRA and the Treasury and then there will be a planning inquiry which we can win – more details later. Keep checking this website and register to receive email updates.

Find out why we are opposed to this plan

What can we do as individuals?

See our page on Opposing NYCC’s plan.

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